“Frontera Capital was born out of belief that i) capital market development is a precondition for economic growth and poverty alleviation, and ii) key financial risks can be shifted away from those least likely to be able to manage them ”

Frontera Capital is a boutique investment firm which focuses specifically on frontier markets (i.e. emerging markets that have not yet ‘graduated’ to being formally recognised as such) that has been set-up by a core team of highly experienced financial professionals.

Frontera Capital focuses on the financial intermediation role of matching the demand for yield of global asset managers with the funding needs of governments and corporates in frontier markets.

Vision: To contribute to the development of emerging and frontier capital markets and to facilitate inclusive finance globally.

Mission: Be a leading boutique investment firm in frontier and emerging markets.

Frontera Capital Group Limited, a private company limited by shares incorporated in Abu Dhabi Global Market, United Arab Emirates with register no 000000331 regulated by Abu Dhabi Global Market Registration Authority.

Frontera Capital Limited, one of the companies of Frontera Capital, is authorized and regulated by the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).